Natural Change Leadership Programme


A comprehensive programme for people who want to develop their own authentic leadership style and strategy for leading meaningful, long-term, lasting change.

who it is for

The Natural Change Leadership Programme is for people in the private, public and third sectors who want to develop their capacity to bring about meaningful, long-term, lasting change – in their team, organisation, community or wider society.

To ensure the quality of experience there is a maximum of 12 places on each programme. Participants can join alone or with a group of colleagues. The programme runs once a year, with week-long workshops in October, February and June.

Leadership Programme or Catalyst Project? Leadership Programmes develop people’s capacity to bring about meaningful, long-term, lasting change in a range of situations. Catalyst Projects support a group of partners or stakeholders to tackle one specific problem or challenge.

how it helps

Over the course of this programme you will develop your capacity as a skillful and effective change-maker – a leader who brings others with them by leading in an authentic, meaningful way that is true to your deepest values.

By the end of the Natural Change Leadership Programme you will have an in-depth insight into:

  • how organisational and social change happens;
  • the emotional and psychological dimensions of change;
  • the importance of personal values, authenticity and meaningfulness in change.

and you will have honed your ability to:

  • overturn conventional patterns of thinking to find new insights and inspiration;
  • develop your own authentic leadership style and strategy for leading change;
  • use new skills and approaches to implement your ideas and deliver meaningful, long-term, durable change.

what to expect

In October, February and June, you will spend five days in a wild and beautiful place. During these residential workshops we will mostly work outside, weather permitting. Some sessions will run indoors if the weather insists. Each programme is led by two skilled and experienced Natural Change facilitators, who will also support you to feel comfortable and safe outdoors.

Between residentials you will start to apply your new insights and approaches in your workplace, supported by one-to-one mentoring from your course leaders. During later residentials you will reflect on your own and other participants’ experiences, sharing insights and learning that enable you to further evolve your approach.

Each residential will include:

  • small and whole group activities;
  • individual tasks including structured wilderness ‘solo’ time;
  • theory and discussions sessions.

After each residential, you will

  • start incorporating your insights into your work;
  • have access to a total of 6 hours of support from Natural Change mentors;
  • review your experience and learning with other participants at the subsequent residential.

By the end of the programme each participant will have developed their own authentic combination of courage, vision and skills to lead and support meaningful, long-term, lasting change – in their team, organisation, community or wider society.

Natural Change is uniquely effective because we work outside in nature and create supportive spaces to explore complex, challenging issues openly. Read about our approach to find out why.

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continuing the journey

Participants often say that Natural Change has a profound effect on them, significantly influencing their perspectives and ways of working. They value the opportunity to continue exploring the issues that matter to them with others who share their experience of Natural Change.

Leadership Programme participants can join the Natural Change Community of people who have taken part in Natural Change projects, programmes and courses. This diverse professional network provides a source of ongoing support, advice and collaboration to sustain your change-making into the future.

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commission a bespoke leadership programme

We can also design and deliver a bespoke Leadership Programme specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation. Bespoke programmes can be delivered in the UK and internationally. We are currently only able to deliver programmes in the English language.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke Leadership Programme, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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