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natural change: for a world where people and nature flourish

The purpose of Natural Change is to help create a fair and sustainable world; a world where individuals, communities and organisations flourish together – as parts of a flourishing natural world.

Having worked for sustainability over many years, in a variety of contexts and using a range of approaches, the Natural Change team have come to recognise the critical importance of learning how to:

  • Move beyond conventional ways of thinking that create many of the problems facing the world, and to do so in ways that engages and inspires others.
  • Foster deeper, richer, relationships between each other and with the rest of nature; relationships rooted in a sense of connection, belonging and respect.

We find so many people are increasingly hungry for authenticity and meaning. They want to make a difference and to bring others with them. They want to be effective while being true to their deepest values. Natural Change is for them.

leadership redefined: shifting cultures by acting on our deepest human values

Everyone has an innate capacity to care for others and the natural world – when given the opportunity to do so. All too often this capacity is thwarted by the cultures of our workplaces, communities and society.

We work with people in positions of formal and informal leadership and influence who have the potential to shift these cultures, to help create the conditions where people, organisations and nature can flourish together.

Natural Change offers each person the chance to connect with their own deeply held values to develop their own unique way of leading change.

uniquely effective: we nurture people’s natural courage, vision and skills

We create supportive spaces where participants’ own experience, knowledge and skills are respected and they can be who they really are. Here they explore challenging issues openly and honestly without fear of judgement, connect deeply with others who share these challenges and remember their natural roots. We draw on three core domains: social and ecological psychology, the science of systems thinking, and a range of practical skills and techniques.

We work mainly outdoors, in wild and tamer places – leading to the unique effectiveness of Natural Change. Such environments stimulate us to overturn conventional patterns of thinking, to draw on all our senses, and find unexpected inspiration. We support each participant to synthesise all these elements to develop their own authentic combination of courage, vision and skills.

The depth of insight, level of ability and long term effects that emerge are qualitatively different from anything that can be learnt in a conventional training context.


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